Pretextos Para Llevar…

While in Guerrero, Mexico a few months ago (October 2014), it was hot and we drank a lot of beer.  Mostly Victoria (I prefer it to Corona). At the time they were running a marketing campaign called ‘Pretextos para Llevar’ which means something like ‘Excuses To Go’.  Under each bottle cap was a  saying which was a sort of ‘excuse’ for something, I am not sure what.

I must say I did not fully understand the jokes, some were obvious, but others not so much.  Regardless, it was kind of a fun way to learn some more colloquial Spanish from Mexico, the kind of stuff you don’t learn in classes… I think the fact that I was raised 90% in English and learned most of my jokes/sayings/colloquialisms from Puerto-Rican culture has hindered my ability to get these sayings, but then again maybe they are just stupid!

I took some pictures of the bottle caps and they are below.  Tell me which one is your favorite and why?

IMG_0695 IMG_0682

IMG_0696 IMG_0707

IMG_0708 IMG_0710

IMG_0715 IMG_0716

IMG_0718 IMG_0744